Skip Bins

Marrel skip bins are lifted up and lowered off the back of a truck. The marrel generally have higher sides and are shorter in length than a hook lift skip so in most cases require no more room to be placed than a car space however to deliver a marrel the truck in most cases will require an access clearance of no less than 3metres & there must not be any low overhanging branches or wires in the immediate vicinity.

Remember in most areas you’ll need a permit for any skip bin that’s not placed on your property – that is, on the nature strip or road.  Contact your local council for more information.

The tools on this page are all indications only as companies build their bins differently to suit their needs of being able to stack the bins inside one another and so that they can carry more than one at a time. If you need an exact dimension of a skip bin for your requirements, please contact us prior to booking your bin.

For a list of approximate dimensions please see the table below.

General guide only.

The  measurements are taken from the rim of the bin

Example: length x width x height = approx cubic metres