General Waste

If you’ve got general waste for disposal after a spring clean we’ve got a light waste bin for you.  At Skip Bins Online we’re committed to the responsible disposal of waste so it’s important that you only place specific items in your hire skip.

A General Waste bin has a weight limit of 150kgs per cubic meter, suitable for most light domestic or commercial waste; it can also contain light green waste.

Heavy tree trunks/roots, concrete, brick, roof tiles, aggregates, sand, dirt, soil or building/renovation waste are likely to exceed the weight limit and should not be included. Examples of what can be placed in this waste type is listed below:

You CAN place these things in the bin:

  • Household waste like cloths, toys, cardboard, paper, kitchen ware etc…
  • Furniture and appliances like cupboards, lounges, fridges and washing machines etc…
  • Light Commercial waste like office furniture, stationary, etc…
  • Light green waste like shrubs, grass clippings twigs etc…

N.B: An idea to keep your weight limit to a minimal is to throw over an old trap to cover your bin in wet weather.

You CAN’T place these things in the bin:

  • Bricks, soil, concrete, fibro, tiles, dirt, sand or stone, rocks and pebbles etc…
  • Home or commercial renovation materials. e.g. Gyprock, fibro, internal wall timbers.
  • Palm tree trunks, tree trunks and roots
  • Turf or soil with turf attached.
  • All STATES NO synthetic grass.
  • In NSW NO Carpet, Underlay or Vinyl contact us 1800 246 365 to arrange carpet removal.
  • In SA NO Computer Monitors OR TV’s.
  • In QLD NO Truck or Car tyres.
  • Hazardous materials like asbestos, insulation, liquids, empty chemical containers, food, wet paint tins, non-perishable or perishable food, perishable materials (likely to decay, spoil or putrefy) etc…

N.B: Paints can be disposed of if empty and the lids MUST be off.

You will be charged for the excess weight and/or incorrect waste as in accordance to your order. When you tick the terms and conditions you agree that the bin will be picked up and weighed and should your bin be over the weight limit or contaminated you will be notified by your supplier. Your supplier must upon your request produce a weigh docket displaying your excess weight and/or contamination.